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May Goals

Make a TO-DO list for the following day the night before. List my top 3 “to-do’s” for the next day and list in order of priority starting with the hardest task. How many times have I started my day with a loose idea in my head of what I want to get done for the day? Spoiler alert: A lot. Instead of having these tasks floating around in my head, I want to write them down on paper with a goal to complete the hardest task first. Finishing the hardest task first will give me the energy to see the rest of my goals for the day through to completion.

Quiet time every morning.
I have fallen victim lately to rushing into my day the second my eyes open in the morning. Wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth, take the dog out, and head out to start my day. Somewhere in the middle of all of those check boxes, I’ll check my email and IG and I’ve found that this just throws my focus off almost from the start. So, this month, I want to be intentional about quieting my mind in the morning before doing anything work related.

Eat more protein. Yep, that’s a simple one. I don’t even want to quantify this one either. I know I don’t get enough protein so my goal is just to eat a little more of it each day with the knowledge that over time that protein will really add up!

Lose 2% body fat by the end of the month. This one is a little lofty. Around this time last year, I competed in a nutrition challenge at my gym and lost 4% body fat. Boy oh boy did this challenge open my eyes up to my diet. Eating well has never been my strength, but what I learned over the 6 weeks was how important it was to reach my protein goal for the day! Once I started getting closer to hitting my protein macros, I really started to see my body change. I just had a new InBody scan taken yesterday – I’m excited to see what can be done in 4 weeks with exercise and a better(ish) diet!

Keep a gratitude journal. Each night before bed, I want to write down 3 things from that day that I’m grateful for in a gratitude journal.

Cheers to you, May!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Okay, and who doesn’t love a photo of some Mickey Ears? When I got engaged on my trip to Disney back in January, I had my Canon 1v with me but barely took any photos because I wanted to be more in the moment. But this photo of Mickey Ears sparkling in the sunshine? It’s one of those captures I got.