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Meghan + Jason

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to share these images with you all today. I’ll never forget having a call with Meghan as I joined my mom on a physical therapy session for her shoulder. My mom had just had surgery to replace her shoulder and I stepped outside on a sunny afternoon to hop on a call with Meghan in the middle of my mom’s PT session. Meghan was a delight from the start. When we first spoke on the phone, she explained “I know of you because of your sister-in-law! We worked together!”

I always love hearing how a couple found me. She told me about her and Jason and their plans to wed in Spring of 2020. I was so excited to work with this wonderful couple!

You might guess that COVID19 had other plans. Or really fought hard to, except these two were bound and determined to still have a meaningful celebration and ceremony on their wedding date!

I told Meghan AS SOON as she shared her plans, “OF COURSE I will be there!” And so, with my mask on my zoom lens ready to go, I photographed one of the more emotional weddings I’ve photographed in some time.

Had to, right?

Meghan and Jason had the bare bones there – immediate family and a few close friends. It was absolutely perfect and everyone looked so beautiful!

I just love taking these photos. Was there ever a time we fully realized how important our loved ones are then now? Weddings just aren’t the same if we can’t celebrate with them!

The stunning Mr. and Mrs. Craig! How beautiful are these guys?

These two even had some rain on their wedding day and I’m telling you- nothing could bring them down! They have such wonderful and positive spirits. Definitely my kind of people.

Okay, the best part of this day? The very long line of cars with “guests”, ushered in by a cop car, to help these two celebrate from a distance!

Their guests were dropping gifts off on the sidewalk from a distance, honking, cheering them on! It was BEYOND wonderful!

The raw emotion though…

This moment got me good. I was a teary mess. This situation just sucks for soooo many couples but my god the silver lining is the laser focus it has thrown us all into remembering – love is meant to be shared.

I just ADORE you too, soooo much!

I can’t wait to see you for your celebration in September!