Caitlin Sullivan is an Indianapolis-based wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer.



Hopeful joy-digger.
Colorful photographer.

Serving hearts rooted in celebrating the life
and love around them — and within them.



I'm so grateful you are here. Most days I'm pinching myself that I made this magical leap into photography years ago. What has transpired since has been nothing short of a wild and certainly worthwhile adventure.  

I value family, thoughtfulness, and hard work. I believe in the power of choosing joy and love, especially through the storms of life. I serve couples, families, and businesses through a joyful and colorful lens. I can't wait to meet you!  


That same summer I photographed my godfather's kids running around in princess dresses and everything has quite literally snowballed from there. From one referral.

Since then I have had the pleasure of documenting close to 100 love stories and dozens of family legacies. Like I said, I'm still pinching myself.

My mission boils down to this: Showing you that your story matters. What you see as imperfect is actually your prize. Your story is worth celebrating and I can't wait to help you choose joy in and throughout the beautiful mess. 

Caitlin Sullivan Photography took root in 2008 - the summer before my senior year of college at Indiana University.  I was in the throes of working towards a degree in Studio Art. With a heaping dose of faith and a handful of photography classes under my belt, I went to the bank and opened an account under my new business name.

What my parents didn't know is up until this point I would sit in the last row of huge lecture halls and devour photography blogs on my laptop. 

I was captivated by the stories. I started to wonder - could this be me? Could I do this too? Was there space for me to make a living doing something I really enjoyed? 

From Beyonce to the stars, here I am in a nutshell. 


I’ve been skydiving in Switzerland over the Swiss Alps! 

I'm a Christmas enthusiast. 

I share a birthday with Beyonce! 

Did I mention I’m super Irish? I competitively Irish danced for 15 years!

My all-time favorite movie? Apollo 13. 

My favorite date night is cheering on the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.