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The Leppert Crew Indianapolis Family Session

Oh this amazing family! I already know it’s going to be an awesome day when I get to share them with you all. I’ve been the luckiest to have photographed the Leppert crew several times now – literally watching these 4 kids grow up in front of my camera – and it is not lost on me just how AWESOME this job is for it! To be invited into a family every year to help celebrate the sweetness of life at that stage for them is my favorite part of photographing families with young children.

As one of four, I always have a soft spot for photographing a family of six. When it comes to photographing families, I’ve always said “The more the merrier!” This is probably the exact opposite of what most photographers say. The more kids climbing all of you, the better!  For me, seeing this family each year and photographing these kids growing up, always gives me a glimpse into my past and what it was like growing up as the youngest of four.

These six humans are so wonderful and simply put they just make me happy to do what I do. I look forward to seeing them every year and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite moments of our most recent shoot together with you all now. Let’s get started, sound good?

I’m going to let you in on a secret. This image? This image is taken in an empty parking lot. It’s not always about where you shoot, it’s WHO you are photographing that matters. As you can tell, we took these at the absolute peak of fall. OMG – I miss it already. This past fall may have been one of the most vibrant in recent memory and I’ve learned from experience that if you rrrreally want those gorgeous pops of color in your family photos, it’s best to aim for late October/early November. Effortlessly beautiful.
Ohhhh, Josephine. You are too much in the very best way. My gosh, this family. Can you believe how beautiful they are?! If I’m Annie, Billy, Mary Margaret or Josephine, I’m going to treasure the heck out of this photo of my crazy beautiful parents. Again, this was taken in a parking lot. I was drawn to this spot for the patch of beautiful shade and the green behind them. If you closed your eyes, it even felt a little but tropical. Can you get over this photo with their beloved pup? Couldn’t love this photo any freaking more! I think that Billy has grown most since I saw him last. These girls are so lucky to have him as their bro! Did I mention I miss fall? A lot. I love my job. I could photograph these in between moments for the rest of time and never get bored.Are you for real with this autumn explosion of colors?!The most vibrant reds and oranges!Sweet Mary Margaret <3 I just love the Leppert kids so much! Also, with this particular image, I can’t help but notice the strong resemblance between Annie and her mom looking down. Genetics are the coolest! I LOVE the way Bill and Jo are looking at each other in this image. And the way Mom is holding Jo’s face in her hand. Break my whole heart into one trillion pieces!When taking portraits of kids, I always try to find a patch of glowy light to have them sit in with their backs to the sun. When you do this, you can actually see a halo of light around their silhouette that always photographs so beautifully.Wow. These Leppert girls are so stunning.The oldest and youngest and the only boy 🙂Jo!!! This mega watt smile is everything! The colorful leaves sprinkled through the grass, the tree blazing in the back with hues of fire engine red and oranges, the family TOGETHER with Jo on her brother’s shoulders – these moments are truly priceless. Just love the Leppert crew! Jo’s little stance…ahhhh it’s too much!
B-E-A-U-T-Y!This makes me think of me and my brothers when we were young. Love Kathleen’s toe pop which was TOTALLY organic and unprompted. When it comes to posing families, I don’t like open spaces or loose limbs. You’ll often hear me say, “Pull in nice and tight! Arms around each other! Forehead to forehead!” These are just small ways to make sure I can feel the love coming through on my end. 

OH man, want to see the FIRST ever shoot I did with the Leppert family? Click here to see the first time I photographed them back in 2013!

Are you a mama looking to have family photos done this summer/fall? Reach out now to reserve your time! 🙂