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Emily & Joe Virginia Wedding: The Market at Grelen

As a creative, it’s pretty much the best feeling to shoot somewhere new during busy season. Especially when it’s in the rolling hills of beautiful Virginia in late October. This was just the setting for Joe and Emily’s stunning wedding celebration and I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite moments from their day with you all now.

Emily and I go back to our high school days. Emily is the first friend I made at freshman orientation. Someday I’ll tell my kids about her when they march into their freshman orientations. I still remember meeting her and growing as friends over the course of 4 years. For a time, we did crew together. She was always a smiling and friendly addition to the day. I’ve always loved her wit and impeccable sense of humor. Even from the beginning, she felt like a friend I had known all my life.

Truth be told, once we went off to college, we lost touch until Emily got engaged to Joe and sent a little note my way. I was beyond excited to fly out to photograph their big day and couldn’t love this couple any more!

They married at a beautiful resort called the Market at Grelen…

I love when the groom wears a good pop o’ color!

There’s the handsome groom! Are groomsmen really even getting ready if there isn’t a bottle of whiskey nearby!?

Something you should know immediately about Emily is she has the most amazing curly hair. It’s what I noticed about her from the beginning. It is absolutely striking!

I love a few simple and elegant details….

I have a thing for nice watches on guys. I think it’s one of their very best accessories.

How COOL are these cabins that they got ready in?! There were yurts, yes YURTS, across the street, too! This was the neatest space!

How COOL are these cabins that they got ready in?! There were yurts, yes YURTS, across the street, too! This was the neatest space!

Look at that hair. It’s ALL natural!

Oh Joe, I’ve loved getting to know you during this process.

Oh myyy, Emily’s sweetest mother who I remember fondly from my high school days! It was BEYOND wonderful seeing Emily’s parents, reconnecting with them, and photographing their baby girl as a bride. Life can be so sweet when it comes full circle.

Those quiet moments of anticipation…

Those two beauties to the right of Emily on the photo to the right are Emily’s beautiful and FUN cousins!

I love this image so very much of Emily’s mom getting ready.

The layers in the next images make me happy. I love shooting through things to add dimension and a little more life to an image.

The getting ready moments are some of my favorites to photograph on a wedding day!

Emily’s precious dad seeing her for the first time. There is another image from this series of him quietly standing off to the side, eyes misty, but I left that one out so I wouldn’t make anyone else cry. <3

I could NOT love this photo of Emily’s aunt seeing her all dolled up for the first time! These fleeting moments are what make a wedding so special.

Something blue …a teeny blue whale that was hidden in the family’s jewelry stash! 🙂

There’s Jacob again!

I so loved getting to know these wonderful bridesmaids.

Mom…Dad…the BEST!

Don’t you just love the hues here?!

Here guests are starting to arrive for the ceremony that was tucked away literally in the rolling hills of Virginia.

I LOVE throwing my 70-200 lens on during a spare 10 minutes like these to grab candids of guests enjoying themselves.

Here come the groomsmen. I love this image. Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I shot this wedding entirely on my own. This ceremony was unique as I was able to grab some shots I might not otherwise have the chance to get because it was in such an intimate and I was free to move around anywhere.

Their ceremony was so beautiful…

These two moments?! Can’t beat ’em! Love that Emily had both of her parents walk her down the aisle.

ALL the tears! I adore Emily’s dad!

To think that through a crazy chain of events that began that fateful first day of freshman year, I’d find myself shooting this once in a lifetime moment for Emily 16 years later (WHOAAAAA)…just blows my damn mind! I am the luckiest!

But really, can you believe this location?


I couldn’t have loved their short but oh so sweet and intimate ceremony any more!

Also a favorite moment of the wedding day? Those first couple minutes after the couple walks back down the aisle once they are married! There’s tons of celebrating and real emotion.

I wanted to include a family formal photo to remind brides that natural light is your BEST friend when it comes to these priceless photos! Just look at this setting? It’s all so beautiful.

Again, Emily with her adorable aunt and the two of them with their friend and officiant.

These moments make me so happy.

Joe and Emily were surrounded by the very best on their wedding day.

Of course Joe had a great group of guys by his side.

And of course we had this perfect dirt path walking around for photos because why wouldn’t we have this most picturesque setting where we were?! I also love that Jacob is holding flowers on the left 🙂

That’s Emily’s mom with her sister on the right! OMG – someday there will be a photo like this with my sister at her son’s wedding. How crazy to think about. These moments matter! <3

Look at this beautiful group of people.

Man oh man you two are gonna make pretty babies!

Wouldn’t you agree?

I still can’t get over the hills in the background.

Now on to their magical reception…

I always love when heirloom family photos are out on display at weddings! It’s such a nice touch and glimpse into the newly married couple.

If you know me at all, you know OF COURSE I’d include this photo of my personal favorite guest at Emily and Joe’s cocktail hour.

Time to party!

Blissed out…

The sweetest speeches…

…I have to also add that a see through tent is a photographer’s best friend for a reception. Give me ALLLLL the natural light!

I love a good black and white with those romantic light strung behind the couple!

Emily and Joe had their parents join them for the second half of their first dance. I love personal touches like this.

Did someone say PIE? Yes please! Also I need everyone to please note the framed photo (bottom right) of Emily’s parents back in the day and her dad’s EPIC HAIR!!!

Man these two through a PARTY for sure! Live bands really do get the party going every time.

All of this love. I think this was one of the last songs of the night. This is what all of the decisions that go into planning a wedding allows…an incredible and unforgettable moment like this one.

Are you newly engaged or planning a wedding? I’d love to connect with you and hear all the fun details!