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The Christopher Crew Indianapolis Family Session

Hands up in the air – it’s my favorite day of the week. I sure do love a Thursday! Each year, I always welcome in new clients who I have never worked with before and it is one of my favorite parts of running a business. I was so happy to see Lauren’s name pop up in my inbox and to have the opportunity to meet and photograph her family for the first time.

For one – this family showed up and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw how beautiful they were. Second – I’d love to be Walker’s best friend. When I went over to Lauren’s home to show them their photos after our session together, Walker had left a drawing for me before school. To which I squealed and immediately after shared in my instagram stories. That’s the good stuff, guys. That’s why this job is so much more than taking photos!

Lauren felt like an old friend. One I’ve known for years and years. How about I share her sweet family with you now? You won’t want to miss out on these guys!

When you get this photo within a minute of starting shooting you know you’re in the easy lane. Look at this precious family.
Now look at this supermodel mother. She is so modest and she won’t say it but she is just as beautiful outside as she is on inside. WALKER – this RAY of LIGHT!!! I could photograph you all day every day, little guy.I just love photographing families. It certainly feels like my wheelhouse!Holland is munchin’ on her hand and Walker is cheesin’ it up BIG time! In the beginning of my business, I would get so caught up in only sharing the “picture perfect” moments. I’m kind of over that. I still love the polished moments, but these are just as good. This crew joined the Indy scene from Chicago. We are so lucky to have you guys!OH MY AUTUMN. You’ll always and forever have my heart!

Holland’s little smirk! 🙂 On the right, Walker and his mama were in the middle of looking up to see a plane passing by in the sky. She bent down to look with him and the whole moment was so sweet. One of those things that probably happens so many times in a day but is so easy to overlook. This is just too much. Christopher crew – I could photograph you guys forever amen and never get bored. As a side note, I could not be more obsessed with Lauren’s jacket and in particular that red pop of color on her collar.
Gosh I adore this wonderful family!!! Lol. The personality is SO BIG and SO BRIGHT! <3I’m telling you right now if I had a photo like this of my dad and I when I was little, I’d have it framed and on display year round in my home.
Fatherhood. Dads are the best. 

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