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Casey + Thomas Indianapolis Wedding: St John's + Artsgarden

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! We are halfway through the week, the sun is shining AND the Pacers are playing tonight? You know it’s a good day!

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this sweet celebration with you guys. Casey and Thomas have such warm hearts and threw one heck of a party at their wedding celebration! Casey is actually the sister of one of my past brides, Katie, and I can’t begin to tell you how special it is when siblings come back for their big days. Last winter, Casey, Katie and I all met over a warm drink at Starbucks and chatted about all the things. I knew then that this party was going to be EPIC and centered very much on two people coming together making this world a better place to be.

They married on a perfect spring day surrounded by their amazing friends and family. There was tons of laughter (make sure to scroll through for the veil snafu), dancing, COOKIES (did someone say cookie bar?), color (hello gem tones!), and of course good ol fashioned love. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Photographing Casey was a dream.

Casey’s flowers were some of my favorite to date. Are you kidding me with this color? You all know I love some pops of color so this bouquet and me? We are a match made in heaven! I have nothing but respect for a bride who wears a show stopping pair of GREEN heels. I’m obsessed.
GLOWING.Let’s take a moment to talk about Claire, Casey’s makeup artist. Claire modeled for a shoot I did with Katie, again Casey’s sister, for her flower truck called STEMS. She is so lovely and so talented at what she does. Definitely check her out!All of this green is making me anticipate spring that much more! Can you get over how gorgeous Casey is? On the left, she had just put on a necklace that her soon to be husband gave her as a gift. I love small moments like this on a wedding day. Some may see a lot of clutter in the background. I see real life at a wedding day. I’ll be honest – it’s taken some soul searching to care less about things looking so perfect and tidy for the photos I take at a wedding. At the end of the day, these really are the moments that mean the most because someday, Casey and Thomas will look back at this photo when this sweet girl is 16, and they will smile at that time she was a sweet little nugget once at their wedding. Those are the things I want to capture for my couples. I mean, JUST LOOK AT HER.There’s Katie on the right!!! How gorgeous is she?! Her wedding is STILL one of my all time favorites. Want to take a walk down memory lane? Check out her wedding that I shot back in 2013!  Casey and Katie’s ADORABLE mom who I want to be best friends with. A few getting ready moments with Thomas…Couldn’t love this more! Thank you to my second shooter, Katie Destry, for your wonderful help! My dad’s name is Thomas so YOU ALREADY KNOW this guy and I were friends before we even met.Look at this beautiful bunch!! That’s a whole lot of wonderful people to be loved by!These two have hearts of pure gold and make the world a better place.Sometimes I think I could die happy just photographing this very photo over and over again 🙂 these TONES and those FLOWERS omg.Go on, Thomas! You guys are handsome!Good looking group of guys!What if someday, Casey and Thomas’ kids pull out this image of their mom and dad and oooh and aaah over how their parents were total babes on their wedding day?! That thought makes me smile. See?! Total babes. One of my favorite wedding portraits to date. I am completely obsessed with the light, the color, their glow. To me, this perfectly encapsulates the feel of their day. Buncha babes right her’! Can you tell I was in heaven with portraits?!Beautiful – inside and out.

I’ll admit. The war memorial downtown is one of my favorite locations for portraits on a wedding day. The light is so clean and I love the gold detailing paired with clean lines and bright feel. Mr. and Mrs.! This was less than 30 minutes of being married 🙂THE RIBBONS. So good.So, Casey is one of five and has 2 sisters. Looking at these photos, I can’t imagine the fun they had growing up. They have 2 brothers who are great fun as well.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that Casey and Thomas’ wedding day was THE WINDIEST wedding day I’ve ever photographed. Well actually, maybe second. (Just wait for Kim and Nick’s soon!) The wind picked up Casey’s veil and there it is on the left floating high and low through the gusts of wind landing down the street. Everyone was laughing. Thomas went and saved the day! It was one of my favorite moments from a wedding day that I’ve seen. These kind of things happen on a wedding day and you just can’t always control every part of the day but you can always control your reaction. It was such an honest and pure reaction from everyone.Those sisters again! Such wonderful women. So grateful to know all of them!Loved this sweet moment with Thomas seeing his bride fo the first time. That’s one of Casey’s brothers speaking there on the right. Marrieddd!!! St. John’s always makes for a breathtaking backdrop – especially from the balcony!Now on to the reception! OH man this was too fun! And this light!? A photographer’s dream for a reception. All brought to you by the Artsgarden downtown.Fun fact – did you know my favorite color has forever been orange? Now you do! 🙂OMG – the extensive cookie table brought to you by Thomas’ side of the family – many of whom live in or are from Pittsburgh. This is tradition from that area and it is SO COOL! They even had pizzelles – anyone familiar? – of which I had several. This was truly the gift that kept on giving.
Such beautiful details!I couldn’t have loved their entrance any more – which had a very New Orleans feel to it.  See what I mean about the light at the Arts Garden? NO FLASH REQUIRED.Just the best. This is the face you make when you marry your best friend and party your faces off with your favorite people ever!Thomas’ parents on the left. Such fun to see parents over the moon. They sure did hit the jackpot with their daughter-in-law. First dance making me cry. These two danced to Sade’s “By Your Side” and I was teary eyed the whole time behind my camera. This may be one of my favorite love songs all time and I’ve never heard it at a wedding until this one. Hold up. Does it get any better than this?I just love these two. They make any space they walk into brighter.Casey’s parents glowing. I love this job. So much.What is life without sisters!? I’m here to tell you it’s nowhere near as fun without your best girl. Love these two sisters!  WOW to this space! I love zooming in tight on parents as the best man or maid of honor speaks about the bride and groom. The pride is written all over their faces.Cue all the tears. Every last one. Nope! Can’t handle it! Thank you both for inviting me into this special day. It means the world to share moments like this with my couples.It’s time to freaking PARTY! Thomas’ mom (top right in the purple) is one of SIX sisters – all of which spent hours baking and contributing to the cookie bar. Family is the absolute best and I’ll spend the rest of my life celebrating that.The end of the beginning. The absolute best day. 

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