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Introducing the New CSP Blog A New Chapter

Welcome to my new internet home! I am so happy you are here! 

If you’ve followed me for longer than a year, you might be wondering, “Wait, didn’t you just launch a new site somewhat recently?”

Yes, I did. Great memory.

Last March I launched a new site and went about my merry way and then, somewhere around late summer this past year, I started to feel a shift.

The short of it all is to tell you that, like all brands, I was ready to evolve. I was ready to invest in myself. I was ready to work with professional designers to build a platform where I’d feel empowered to use my voice moving forward.

Around a year ago, I took down my old blog. I could write a whole post on how scary this felt as it basically felt like letting go of a 7 year portfolio but I couldn’t shake this feeling of wanting a fresh start. I also never, EVER, thought I’d say this but dang…I’ve missed blogging. So much.

These past few years in my business have looked a little different than usual and I now see that time for what it truly was: Stepping back to give myself a little space and grace to figure out what I wanted moving forward.

With great excitement, after quite the journey to this point, I am so excited to introduce you to the New CSP Blog. This process – this soul searching – is so much more than pairing copy and photos. Design can’t be microwaved if done well. Many thanks to my design team, With Grace and Gold, for working with me to craft an online home that mirrors my heart. I can’t wait for all that is to come!

A natural choice for me in designing this website was pulling the sunshine burst from my primary logo to shine on its own. I love the result. Designing a website is a grind. For me, I always knew what I didn’t want but couldn’t always put into words what it was was that I did want. Kelly and Andra were patient and saw me through to a design that I loved and one that allowed me to showcase my family, wedding, and commercial work that I’ve taken on more of in the last couple of years.

I loved the little details that matured with my brand. Where there was once a navy chevron, now there’s this linear gold pattern to accentuate my brand. Many thanks to my new friend, Sarah Best Photography, for the beautiful bio photos. Also, thank you to my sweet friend, Crystal, who gave me a beautiful face of makeup to help walk confidently into this new chapter. I love you, girl!

I told Kelly and Andra in the beginning of the design process that one of my main objectives was to up level my brand with an editorial online presence. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. There’s so much brewing as I begin a new chapter here with this blog. I won’t say I ever stopped playing the game, but I feel more ready than ever to step up to the plate. I can’t even begin to tell you all how amazing that feels.

Having taken almost a year off of blogging, you can imagine I have a lot of content to share. I also plan to show up here often to share my work and personal life. I can’t wait for it all. Thank you for following along. xo