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Stems Flower Truck Indianapolis Brand Photography

I promise you when I tell you about Stems Flower Truck, you will wish you would have thought of the idea first.

There’s a truck for almost everything these days. Well, not everything. But food! Dog treats! Now…fresh flowers. YES! Fresh bouquets of beautiful flowers!

My sweet friend and past bride, Katie Conway, came up with the brilliant idea of creating Indy’s first Flower Truck. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this matches Katie’s personality. She was born to give back in a way such as this. I’m so proud and excited for her and can’t wait to see the happiness and joy she will continue to spread in the years to come in the great city of Indianapolis and beyond.

As Katie was preparing to launch her new website, we got together to shoot some imagery for her brand. Our wonderful model, Claire, did her own makeup and played the part perfectly. Claire is a successful beauty blogger in the area and it was so fun to have her be a part of this shoot.

We picked a sunny evening at golden hour. The goal was to photograph Katie’s ideal client and showcase her BEAUTY of a truck! Love love love! We had to celebrate with some champagne, you know? It was just the right thing to do! So glad Katie brought some along 🙂 I am still so enthralled with the idea of a flower truck. Entrepreneurship is the coolest. To think you can build a LIFE around serving up fresh and beautiful flowers is mind blowing. When you are passionate anything can happen with hard work and persistance.The little details on Katie’s truck are absolutely perfect. I had to get a shot of the star herself. Katie – I am so happy and excited for what your future has in store. Entrepreneurship suits you so well and I’ll always be a fan of you and your mission! Now, do yourself a favor and go check out the STEMS website.