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Jenna + Ryan Chicago Wedding Photographer: Salvage One

You all know I love a September wedding. As far as weather goes in the midwest, it  doesn’t get much better. Jenna and Ryan’s wedding was no exception.  I photographed Jenna’s sister and brother-in-law’s wedding (heyyy Kristen and John.. you’ll see them below) back in 2012. Jenna and Kristen are wonderful girls with gigantic hearts and even cooler personalities. With a sister of my own who I’m pretty darn tight with, it’s fun to see another set of sisters just like that.

You can imagine I was thrilled when Jenna reached out after getting engaged. I can’t tell you how much I loved being a part of this special time for her and Ryan. Their wedding was at the coolest venue in Chicago called Salvage One. I googled this place before shooting there and was not-so-secretly delighted. As a photographer, it’s such a breath of fresh air to shoot in new scenery.

How about I take you along now, sound good? Jenna and her girls got married at the coolest AirBnb!

Jenna’s details were on point. I should mention that this wedding was definitely one of those where I knew a lot of guests there! That pretty bridesmaid on the right getting touched up? Well, that’s a past bride of mine, Gabby! <3

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL girl! Inside and out.Sweet Kristen I was telling you about earlier. Can’t you tell they are sisters? 🙂 Also she and her husband, John, recently adopted the most adorable little boy who you will see below. Mothers getting ready.

If I could give one teeny piece of advice to a bride planning for her big day, it would be to get ready in a space with lots of natural light. You won’t regret it. I will tell you right now that this image is top 5 getting ready photos I’ve ever taken. This moment was too good. Jenna’s brother, Stephen, had just welcomed his first baby into the world with his wife just days before their wedding. This moment was the first time Jenna saw Stephen since he became a dad. Above on the right is Kristen blowing into Jenna’s face to keep her from crying 🙂 but, we all know the tears were coming. 

Sweet Ryan!! One of the nicest grooms EVER! Looking so handsome!
Their first look was perfect. Jenna’s flowers were out of this world. No seriously, how about this bouquet?!Gosh, I adore these two.BABE ALERT!! WEEE-WOOOO-WEEE-WOOO! That was my siren, couldn’t you tell? Who doesn’t need a photo with fam and Fireball?! Gosh, this group was F-U-N!
See what I mean about a cool AirBnb? As soon as I saw this bar at the “I Want It All” sign, I knew I’d want to use this backdrop for photos.And so I did! 🙂 It’s obvious these two are pretty loved.There’s John preparing for the ceremony. He did the best job officiating. A quick visit for George with his auntie Jenna and uncle Stephen before the ceremony! These are my favorite moments to capture on a wedding day.But seriously with this venue! Salvage One in Chicago is the coolest! Too much happy!MARRIED!!! As far as cocktail hours go, this backdrop is definitely one of the cooler ones I’ve ever seen! GEORGE! This is Kristen and John’s son who everyone is pretty much crazy about. Of course he had to make an appearance for some photos with his Aunt and Uncle. <3 Here’s John, Kristen, and Georgie. I love these three! Jenna – you are such a light! I loved every second of being able to photograph you. WOWOW to this backdrop!!!!! And these stunning bridesmaids! With two of the most important women in Jenna’s life 🙂 Introducingggggg, the new…..Mr. and Mrs. Haley!!!!!! I told Jenna before her wedding that dang her new name would have a ring to it. Jenna Haley?!
Loved Ryan’s dance with his mama!
I couldn’t love this reaction to her sister’s speech any more. I love this image so so so much.These guys knew how to throw a party for sure. What a night!