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Drummy Crew Bloomington Family Photographer

Oh how excited I am to share this beautiful family with you again! I photographed Brian and Tori’s wedding a handful of years ago. I still remember the day so vividly – a sunny summer day in Bloomington. It’s funny as a photographer what you remember most from the weddings you shoot. Little moments you tuck away in your memory that never fade. I remember Tori walking down the aisle and grabbing a photo of her bear hugging her twin brother. I remember taking portraits in Brian’s dad’s beautiful vintage car with Tori’s heels thrown over the passenger door – gold and adorned with feathery details. They were so warm and inviting from the start.

They have built quite the family since their wedding day. I drove down to my alma mater – yes, that’s IU and good ol’ Btown – and hung out with them on an unseasonably warm winter day at their beautiful home. Really, what in the world is this weather all about? I do love my snow, but I’m not so mad when the sun is peeking out. Here’s the Drummy crew – with their newest addition, sweet little Ellie.

The only thing I can think of looking at this photo of this family all piled on top of each other is OMG those boys will be H-E-A-R-T-B-R-E-A-K-E-R-S. That’s Griffin on the left and Davis on the right.

When I walked into their beautiful home and saw not only this insane light that is a photographer’s dream, I look to my left and see the most beautiful tree and was instantly excited. You guys know I am a Christmas nut so yes, yes I did take photos in this corner! It’s so rare living in Indiana to have this bright sunshine in December. The weather was truly perfect for photos.

Davis breaking my heart in the best way with that face.

Wait! Davis breaking my heart again with that face. Okay, seriously though, what is it like as a parent to look at your beautiful children and think, “DANG! I made that!?”

It is unlawful how long these boys’ eyelashes are.

I had asked these boys to Floss for me – one did the dance and the other flossed his teeth. This was one of the funniest moments as a family photographer I’ve had in a long while.


I like to think Griffin is saluting me in this photo.

I mean again with the beautiful children. HOW? I get you want to be modest and all but dang!

Love the Drummy Family so much 🙂