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Abbey + Brett Indianapolis Wedding: St. John's & Regions Tower

Hello, all!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. As I mentioned previously, I’m counting down the days until I depart for Augusta with my dad for the Masters. I kind of have that feeling you get the days leading up to Christmas. Can’t wait to share this time with him.

Today seems like a wonderful day to share some favorites from Abbey and Brett’s beautiful wedding day. These two? Hearts of PURE gold! The sweetest people you’ll meet. I still remember sitting down with Abbey and her mama – also a beauty inside and out (wait for an image of her taken while her husband is publicly adoring her in front of all of Abbey and Brett’s guest at their reception!) – and they both were so warm. Having done this for several years now, I have a pretty good hold on when I’ve got a good match on my hands and I knew within seconds that Abbey and Brett were a couple I wanted in my lineup.

They married at beautiful St. John’s on a warm summer day. Gosh I’ve had some crazyyyy weather in my most recent weddings. Right after Abbey and Brett’s ceremony, it was literally PITCH BLACK out for a little bit as a storm rolled in during portrait time. It rained and I knew it was my job to have a backup plan – so backup plan it was! We took some portraits under cover at Regions Tower where their reception was. Everything came together and I’m just so happy and honored I was chosen to be there to photograph it all. How about we dive in to some of my favorites, sound good?

Gosh do I love a space with beautiful natural light to get ready in.

I can still remember taking my first ring shot with my macro lens years ago. I practiced with my mom’s wedding ring. To this day, it still is one of my favorite shots to get on a wedding day.

Gosh this girl is STUNNING – inside and out!

Are the guys really getting ready if there isn’t whiskey involved? PS How adorable is Abbey and Brett’s SoBro home!?

Handsome group of guys. Love the red ties!

Again with the natural light. Wow does it make a difference. I love this shot especially of Abbey on the left with tears in her eyes after reading her note from Brett.

See that pretty lady in the middle in the shot on the left? That’s Emily and she was in my class in high school. : )

This certainly climbs the list for favorite MOB (mother of the bride) photos I’ve taken.  That look says it all!

Abbey’s niece was in awe too <3

A few of the guys hanging out…

I wish everyone could know Brett. He is such a fun loving guy.

A quick first look with Abbey’s dad <3

Abbey and Brett had an emotional first look. I can’t get over how GORGEOUS Abbey looks in this photo!

Of course some glowing bystanders.

Now on to some portraits before the ceremony. I always love to see the looks come together!

This kills me. What a precious sweetheart. When I look at this photo, I notice three things. 1) The flower girl’s precious smile 2) A hint of one of the MOH’s smile’s in the upper left and 3) Brett very suavely adjusting the button on his jacket. The details make up the image.

What a fun day!!! And fun group!

How stunning is she? I mean really! Brett is one lucky guy!

It’s clear Abbey knows she’s one lucky girl too. 🙂

I always push for family photos to take place outside if the couple is willing. Natural light will always be the prettiest and I think these quick 6 I pulled are proof.

Okay, you two. I see you guys!

Love this shot my second shooter captured of the groomsmen. Thank you for all of your wonderful help, Katie!

Just gorgeous!

Almost Mr. and Mrs.!

The flower girl shots get me every time.

When everyone is seated at the ceremony, I always love to sneak in a few candids of guests.

The always stunning St. John’s in downtown Indianapolis.


I love photographing details. Always a favorite! Abbey and Brett’s reception was full of amazing ones.

Such cool guys!

Remember when I mentioned it was PITCH BLACK out for a few right after their ceremony? Well, it was actually while we were on our way to their reception. Then it rained. Then it let up the way Indiana weather does. We made our way around the weather and got beautiful portraits nevertheless.

She just glows.

Could not be more in love with these colors together.

This light was a dream. Rain isn’t always bad for photos. I actually quite like the challenge and how it always makes for unique photos <3

What a dream this space was.

LOVE the tall ceiling on the left. When it was raining, I knew I wanted to take the group here for the architecture.

The introduction…one of my favorite moments from every wedding day. The energy in the air is electric!

I love this concept of having all of your guests stand as you dance for the first time as newlyweds. I know not all venues can accommodate this, but I just think it’s such a neat and intimate way to experience a first dance.

Oh boy…Abbey’s father gave an emotional and beautiful speech. That shot on the right is his wife looking on with such joy. When I mentioned I love snapping candids during the ceremony, let’s be honest…I just love candid photos. Especially during speeches. Some of my all time favorite photos of the parents and family of the newlyweds come during speeches.

I certainly do love photographing love.

Abbey looking on in the image on the right. All the feels!

Lol… you better believe I pay close attentional to photographing the sweets.

Again with the candid shots……<3

Dancing with his mom. Always a highlight.

Wonderful speeches all around…

Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without sparklers…

…and a band that brought the house DOWN! SO much fun!!!

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