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Masters Bound

It’s official. We are Masters bound.

My dad grew up wanting to be a professional golfer and going to the Masters has always been a dream of his. I pretty much love watching any competitive sport and the thought of going to the Masters with my dad? It’s on another level of excitement.

My dad was supposed to go a few years ago but couldn’t because of a personal commitment. This year is THE year!

I tried my best to find tickets to the actual competition days. The Masters is essentially the Super Bowl of golf. You can imagine that coming by a ticket that wasn’t astronomically priced was a challenge to put it lightly.

I put my good vibes out there. I even connected with an old friend’s dad from my St. Thomas days and hopped on a call with him. Total shot in the dark – I asked him if he was selling his tickets that he gets each year. He apparently is on this magical “list” where he will literally get them every year until he dies. He explains, “Oh yeah, I sold my badge for 8k!”  Lol.

So, PRACTICE ROUND it is. Honestly, I’ve had a few people tell me know the practice round is where it’s at because it’s way less fuss and more relaxed. We are beyond excited! Hand us a cold beer and we will be in heaven watching these players warm up.

We leave on Sunday and I can’t wait to see my dad’s face when we step foot on August National Golf Club a week from today.